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One Stop IT Solutions

Managed IT Services

With today’s converged technologies landscape constantly expanding, having the right support is critical to your business. From desktop support to full network management, we can provide the right support plan for you. Our technical team is committed to providing solutions and best practices that meet your specific needs.

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Remote and On-Site Support

Plan B offers our clients customizable support plan options to keep their systems up and running and minimize downtime. From basic remote support to full on-site support, we will design a plan to fit your needs and budget.

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Data Centers + Disaster Recovery

Trying to keep up with today’s technology and advanced applications is every IT Manager’s daily battle. By leveraging the off-site cloud solutions, you can transform your organization’s data center into one that provides the agility and scalability of the public cloud without giving up control. We offer a diverse selection of solutions from many of the leading providers, including Virtualization, Security, Data Storage, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

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Cloud Solutions

We recognize that businesses may be in varying stages of cloud adoption, and your journey to the cloud will likely look different than another business’. We have the experience and expertise to understand where you are and where you’re headed, and will work with you to define what sort of cloud solution will work best for your business. Migrating to the cloud gives your employees access to the applications, data, and computing power they need to get work done whenever and however they work. And when your people are empowered, company productivity soars. This is the foundation of rationalizing and justifying the cost of a cloud solution.

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In today’s environment, safety and security is a paramount concern for businesses. Whether your organization is a small single location enterprise or a multi-location corporation, our team of dedicated professionals will design a surveillance solution that meets your specific needs. Our surveillance and access control solutions are designed with the end-user in mind, allowing for a convenient platform from which to manage your facilities from anywhere.

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Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Business and technologies are constantly changing, and with those changes come new threats to corporate IT environments. This requires a deep dive as many risks lurk beneath the surface. Having an ongoing risk assessment process allows organizations to identify and remediate both obvious and hidden risks in their IT environment.

Risks can include, but are not limited to:

Targeted attacks on known and unknown vulnerabilities
Environmental disruptions
Equipment failure
Malicious activity
Human error
Third-party interference
Risk assessments are a fundamental component of organizational risk management. Risk assessments are designed to identify and inform decision-makers of relevant threats that exist in company systems

Penetration Testing

Pen tests range from basic vulnerability scans—highly-automated assessments that use commercial scanning tools against defined targets to check for known vulnerabilities—to more complex "red team assessments"—comprehensive tests that assess detection and response capabilities.

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