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Plan B always wants to hear from our customers, we only can provide great support and detailed services when we  listen to your businesses needs.


Cost Cutting

We save you money by saving you time, by using cutting edge, innovative services. We provide many verification systems to ensure complete control.


Optimal Uptime

Plan B will always monitor your telecom system and notify you of needed upgrades, and billing issues.

We keep the conversation going strong, any time, anywhere.

Plan B will assist your business operations with unwavering attention, guidance, and resolution through cutting-edge, innovative services.We provide on-going support and proactive monitoring to ensure:


• Optimal up-time

• Solution procurement and design

• Interactions with the carrier

• Billing verification

• Cut costs

• Save time by taking over many of your carrier interactions

• Ensuring your telecom environment support all your technology initiatives



Carrier Services

Many of today’s technology/business leaders are facing challenges in this extremely diverse carrier landscape. Between all the industry consolidations and mergers, it’s hard to identify who’s who and what they are providing. As a carrier agnostic partner, our carrier service group will help guide you to the right solution for your business and provide on-going management and support.

Telecom Expense Management

As part of our consultative approach, we provide a free comprehensive audit on all Telecom, IT, Cellular, Maintenance and Utility expenses. Since these services are a monthly expense, we help identify waste, increase efficiency, and reduce costs allowing savings to be reallocated to other important projects.



We help our clients eliminate wasteful spending and streamline billing across multiple wireless carriers by converting countless invoices, formats and bill dates into a single, uniform monthly bill. In addition, we can provide on-going support, device management and inventory control.

On-site and Remote Maintenance

Plan B offers our clients customizable support plan options to keep their systems up and running and minimize downtime. From basic remote support to full on-site support, we will design a plan to fit your needs and budget.


Managed Services

With today’s converged technologies landscape constantly expanding, having the right support is critical to your business. From desktop support to full network management, we can provide the right support plan for you. Our technical team is committed to providing solutions and best practices that meet your specific needs.


We offer several leasing programs to help fit your current budget needs, from Fair Market Value (FMV) leasing that allows you to pay for the use of the technology, not its ownership to Full Pay-Out (FPO) leasing, if you want to own the technology at the end of your term.


Customer Service

We provide on-site maintenance and remote monitoring to ensure your business has complete success with your Plan B solutions. Call us at (631) 773-1150.

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We are always available to set up a meeting with one of our Account Managers to help your company enhance your telecom needs.

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